Pneumatic vibrator maintenance methods

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Pneumatic vibrator pneumatic motor, compact, internal parts with precision, requiring the operator to carefully maintained.

1, prior to use to make their exhaust smooth, 1-3 minutes before commissioning, check functioning properly, start is flexible. Without exception, can be put into use. (Such as vibration head does not move, you can head wind vibration motor section when tapped on the ground).

2, the inlet hose must not be less than the inner diameter of 25mm, pressure not less than 0.3-0.4MPa.

3, connecting the inlet tube to tube within the joints and blowing dirt, impurities into the cylinder in order to avoid causing parts to wear or can not operate the rotor stuck, can cause serious damage to the cylinder squeeze crack.

4, the process of using pneumatic vibrator according to site requirements, inlet air pressure can be adjusted to control the vibration frequency.

5, pneumatic vibrator to stop using when not on the water, to prevent debris and sewage into the air motor.

6, pneumatic motor for maintenance, the upper and lower end caps bearing cavity want to add a little grease (ZL-3 lithium complex grease), to ensure the bearing lubrication.

7, the wind moving motor badly worn blades, the rotor will be stuck, unable to work. You can now remove the cover, with the M10 screws on the top of the cover, thus removing burrs or wiper blade replacement blades.

8, such as long-term storage, it should disassemble and clean, oil seal, in order to avoid corrosion.